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Awakening to Awareness
Start your inner journey with us


Astrid & Lovisa

If you have been called to start your inner spiritual and ascension journey,

and need some guidance and help to move forward, we can help you!

 Inspirital Academy aim to help people to raise conciousness  and inner awareness

and spread knowledge and tools to support your  personal and spiritual transformation.​ 

Through our circles, courses, individual sessions, consultations, webinars and workshops,  

we will help you navigate and find your inner compass.


It is all about to wake up to yourself - your inner guidande, your body, your emotions and mental powers.

We will help you get in contact with the depth of yourself, your higher purpose, and your core values,

so you can start to live in your personal power and expand your consciousness and be lead by your heart.


It is our ambition to also help you connect with other people that are on the same journey,

so that we can all support each other. We are all students and teachers.

With love

Astrid & Lovisa

Videos med Astrid & Lovisa från Novaportalen

Live från Harmoniexpo hösten 2018

Lovisa berättar om hur hon lärde sig hantera sina mediala förmågor

Lovisa berättar om sin aurafotografering

Lovisa sammanfattar sitt besök på Harmoniexpo 2018 


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